The Privacy Act 1988 schedule 1 Australian Privacy Principles (APP) have deemed all Early Childhood Education and Care Services (ECEC) must comply with the schedule 1 of the Act – Australian Privacy Principles.


Child Care Services Australia and Child Care Services SA provide Early Childhood Education and Care services for children and their families. In the course of providing this service, we are legislated to collect a range of personal information regarding the family, the child, staff and students or volunteers.

Our commitment to protect your privacy is paramount and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988, the Education and Care Services National Law (2010), Education and Care Services National Regulations (2011), Child Protection Act 1993 and Fair Work Australia. We will always collect personal information by lawful and fair means.

Disclosure of personal information

Child Care Services Australia and Child Care Services SA abide by the SA Government Information Sharing Guidelines (ISG) for promoting the safety and Wellbeing of Children, Young People and Their Families. We will not release, sell or use your personal information for purposes other than in the course of providing high quality ECEC for your child without your consent in writing, unless prescribed by law to do so.

How Personal Information is collected and held

Personal information that Child Care Services & Child Care Services SA collects and holds includes: Parent/Guardian and child information through Family Enrolment Forms/information including parenting orders.

Subsidy details through the Federal Government subsidy payment portal.

Children’s developmental and wellbeing information including children’s Profiles, Developmental Summaries.

Children’s dietary and allergy requirements

Children’s Medical Condition information from Parents or Guardians and medical practitioners
Cultural or religious requirements from Parents or Guardians

Staff, student and volunteer personal details including medical and health information and criminal history or prohibited person information through employee documentation, medical practitioners, Department of Social Inclusion and Education Standards Board.

Staff Payroll details through employee documentation and payroll records held by authorised payroll officer.

All of the personal information we collect is stored electronically and on hard copy. Electronically stored information is only accessed by employees of Child Care Services Australia and Child Care Services SA and are password protected. Our electronic records systems are protected by up to date software and is checked regularly for integrity.

Hard copies of data are stored in a locked cabinet that is only accessed by educators and staff in the course of their duty.

Under the National Quality Framework, Fair Work Australia, Child protection ACT 1993, ECEC’s and employers are required to keep and store all records according to a prescribed schedule.

Child Care Services Australia and Child Care Services SA will maintain personal information according to our legal requirements.

Records required to be kept beyond 3 years are stored off site in a secure warehouse. Records that are required to be destroyed are either shredded or disposed of through a professional confidential document shredding organisation.

How you may access your personal information

With the exception of 12.3 of the Australian Privacy Policy, every person has the right to request access to their own personal information and seek the correction of such information. (Australian Privacy Fact Sheet 17)

To access your personal information, a request in writing, by the subject of that personal information, to the Director or Approved Provider is required and will be responded to within a reasonable period after the request is made.

Publishing of our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy will be posted on our Centre website.

Our Australian Privacy Policy will be available to all families upon enrolment and will be included in the Parent Handbook which is available in each area of the service in the Policy and Procedure Handbook.

All staff will have access to our Privacy Policy upon induction in their Staff Handbook and in our Policy and Procedure Handbook.

Eligible data breaches of a personal information

Should we become aware of reasonable grounds that there has been an eligible data breach that is likely to place individuals at risk of serious harm, the Approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor will immediately notify the individuals at risk and recommend steps to be taken in response to the breach. We will also notify the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner via the online Notifiable Data Breach Statement form.

How to make a complaint about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles

We have a formal process for raising complaints or concerns within our service which is included in your Parent Handbook, Staff Handbook and in the Policy and Procedure Handbook which is kept in each room of your Centre. We ask that you follow this procedure.

Alternatively, if you deem appropriate, you may make a complaint to the Office of Australian Information Commissioner at