Angaston's tire garden with mushroom and unicorn toys

We are a friendly, local early education service in Angaston

Our childcare centre is in the picturesque Barossa Valley. We offer onsite parking for parents’ ease during pick-up and drop-off. We also provide before and after-school care at our out-of-hours school care facility next door, which is located adjacent to Good Shepherd Lutheran School. Our OSHC caters for school-aged children and school holiday programs throughout the year.

Our team are committed to your children’s future success

Our director, early childhood teachers and educators, are committed to professional development and follow the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Our staff have the opportunity to attend study courses in Italy and participate in professional learning services and events provided by Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange (REAIE). These opportunities help us develop our pedagogy and research a new culture of childhood in Australia as part of a national learning community.

About our founder

Our founder and approved provider Judy Atkinson AM has been recognised for her contributions to early childhood education. She’s a member of the ‘Order of Australia’, served on multiple early childhood boards, and advocated for affordable, high-quality childcare on a political platform. She’s also collaborated with Westpac and Bankers Trust to establish employer sponsor care in South Australia and fostered relationships with training organisations to invest in the future of early education and care services.

Playing is a valuable learning experience for children, so enrol your child today and observe their remarkable exploration, imagination, and decision-making abilities.

Angaston's wooden outdoor bridge

Partnership with Good Shepherd School

Angaston Early Learning Centre is adjacent to the Good Shepherd Lutheran School, and we share many facilities and opportunities. Our children benefit from this close partnership by joining the school for special events such as sports day and performances, and our educators have opportunities to be involved in joint professional development. Our children have sports lessons each week with the PE teacher and library lessons with the librarian. One of the most valuable opportunities for our children is that they have a ‘buddy class’, each child has a ‘buddy’ from the school who spends time with our children to learn together and foster strong nurturing relationships that set our children up for a very secure and smooth transition to school. By the time our children are old enough to start school, they have an excellent understanding of what a school day is and a sense of security and confidence that this is just part of what they already do and know.

Bus Service

Angaston Early Learning Centre provides a bus service transporting children to and from local kindergartens, supporting families and children in the community. This service is also used for excursion transportation and to support our school holiday programs and excursions at our OSHC.

School holiday information

Angaston Early Learning Centre provides a before and after school program (OSHC) and a fun, innovative and exciting vacation care program during each periodic school holiday for our families and community.